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QCharts Plus

QCharts turns your computer into a high-powered trading machine, streaming global financial data and charts in real time right to your desktop.

Trading is your passion. Now take it to the next level with a QCharts subscription.

Our QCharts subscription provides the real-time financial information that active traders in stocks, options and futures need to make informed buy and sell decisions. If you're a technical trader and want reliable, flexible and powerful real-time technical charting, QCharts is the tool that will meet your trading needs.

Our QCharts Plus subscription offers all of the features of QCharts AND extensive research, as well as options-monitoring tools. Subscribers will get market data downloads and an array of web-based news, research and analysis from sources such as Delta, Theta, Vega, Gamma and Implied Volatility, displayed in a customizable window.

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*If, within 30 days, you are not completely satisfied, simply call our Customer Service department and cancel your account. We'll process your refund within 30 days (exchange fees and add-on service fees excluded).


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I've been using QCharts for more than 8 years. A friend recom-
mended that I give it a try. I had investigated many other programs over the years and not one of them came close to the quality and quantity of data a frequent trader needs. I trade before the close everyday and hold overnight, so I need the accuracy that I find with QCharts.

The staff is responsive and the customer / provider communications network is fantastic.

--Greg P., QCharts user for 8 years

QCharts is very easy to use, especially for the indicators I favor, such as StochRSI. The Percent price oscillator is easily clicked on and off. The application is very dependable.

--Sam R.

Only QCharts lets me truly 'see' the market. I won't make a trade without consulting QCharts first. I recently began subscribing to a cell phone-type modem service for the sole purpose of accessing QCharts any time I need to see the market.

--Douglas G.