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QCharts Plus

QCharts keeps you informed and on top of the markets. With QCharts, trading is no longer a guessing game, but a meticulous system of confident execution.
QCharts gives you:
Real-Time, Streaming Quotes
Data direct from 100+ global exchanges; fast, reliable information via the eSignal network
Unmatched Flexibility
No limit to the number of studies, charts and workspaces you can track
Advanced Charting Capabilities
More than 35 technical indicators and overlays you can tailor to fit your specific needs and trading strategy
Time and Sales Data
Color-coded bid, ask and trade information that can be sorted by type, or by volume, exchange and price
Dynamic Hot Lists
Powerful software that scans the markets in just seconds to identify the best trading opportunities, screens them based on the specific criteria you select and updates them automatically every 30 seconds
Streaming Portfolios
The ability to stay on top of changing values for your real or test portfolios, second by second
NASDAQ Level II Window
Complete NASDAQ Level II Book, including ECNs and other non-participants
Single-Quote Focus
Extensive fundamental data on any given security, including earnings, market cap, balance sheet, institutional ownership, float and much more
Historical Data (Add-On for $10 / month)
Seamless access up to 17+ years of minute-based bar data and decades of daily data for any symbol
Breaking News
Business headlines from RealTimeTraders Pro, the Associated Press, Business Wire, Market Wire and more, instantly displayed right on your screen, and access to complete articles simply by clicking on the headlines
QLink (RTD)
A RealTimeData (RTD) add-on service to QCharts that makes it quick and simple to download real-time streaming data into your Excel worksheets, so you can then perform further analysis suited to your market and your strategies for trading that market

And, if you trade options or need more advanced analytics, try QCharts Plus.

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Charting Tools
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Donchian Channels
  • Moving Averages
  • Volume at Price
  • MACD
  • Momentum
  • RSI
  • Stochastics
  • Fibonacci Time Interval
  • Andrew's Pitchfork
  • ...and much more!


QCharts Plus
QCharts Plus is for all you technical traders and options investors. Comprehensive analysis is easy with our advanced analytics and Options Montage window.
QCharts Plus gives you the same features as QCharts, AND:
Additional Advanced Technical Indicators
AutoWave, Daily/Weekly Pivots, Time Cycles, Parabolic SAR, as well as additional Fibonacci tools and more

Data on All Listed Options (You must subscribe to OPRA.)
Complete information for any given security, including strike price, expiration, option type and option price

Display Type
Highlighting capability for your preferred criteria, including last price, bid / ask, time value, Delta, Vega, Theta, Gamma and more

Customizable Options Desktop
Featuring an Option Montage window and extra symbol-linking colors to quickly compare calls and puts

Unlimited Symbols Viewable 500 or 1,000 at a Time
Up from 200 with just QCharts


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I've been using QCharts for more than 8 years. A friend recom-
mended that I give it a try. I had investigated many other programs over the years and not one of them came close to the quality and quantity of data a frequent trader needs. I trade before the close everyday and hold overnight, so I need the accuracy that I find with QCharts.

The staff is responsive and the customer / provider communications network is fantastic.

--Greg P., QCharts user for 8 years

QCharts is very easy to use, especially for the indicators I favor, such as StochRSI. The Percent price oscillator is easily clicked on and off. The application is very dependable.

--Sam R.

Only QCharts lets me truly 'see' the market. I won't make a trade without consulting QCharts first. I recently began subscribing to a cell phone-type modem service for the sole purpose of accessing QCharts any time I need to see the market.

--Douglas G.