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QCharts Plus

QCharts Pricing
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QCharts Plus
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Monthly Price (excluding real-time exchange fees) $135

Get a risk-free, 30-day trial of QCharts!


Get a risk-free, 30-day trial of QCharts Plus!

Annual Price $1,493 ($124.40 / month) $ 1,792.45* ($149.40 / month)
QLink (RTD) (Add-On) $15 / month $15 / month
Historical Intraday Options Data (Add-On) (daily, weekly, monthly historical options data free) $50 / month $50 / month
Extended Historical Data (Add-On) $14 / month $14 / month
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*$1,493 billed at the beginning of your annual contract period + $24.95 billed monthly



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I've been using QCharts for more than 8 years. A friend recom-
mended that I give it a try. I had investigated many other programs over the years and not one of them came close to the quality and quantity of data a frequent trader needs. I trade before the close everyday and hold overnight, so I need the accuracy that I find with QCharts.

The staff is responsive and the customer / provider communications network is fantastic.

--Greg P., QCharts user for 8 years

QCharts is very easy to use, especially for the indicators I favor, such as StochRSI. The Percent price oscillator is easily clicked on and off. The application is very dependable.

--Sam R.

Only QCharts lets me truly 'see' the market. I won't make a trade without consulting QCharts first. I recently began subscribing to a cell phone-type modem service for the sole purpose of accessing QCharts any time I need to see the market.

--Douglas G.